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If not animals, then what would you use to test medicines?

Drugs and other medicines need to be tested in a way that predicts the likely human effect so using methods that focus on human tissues, human receptors for drug molecules, known human data.

Replacement of outdated and clumsy animal tests require battery of alternative methods we should improve the science as well as replace animals.

For example chemical databases can predict the likely toxicity of a substance; mathematical computer models of the receptors in the human body can predict which molecules in a new drug will link to particular receptors; analytical systems such as high performance liquid chromatography can break down a substance into the chemicals that make it up, for precise analysis; accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) can analyse ultra low of drugs given to human volunteers in such tiny quantities that ill-effects of experimental drugs do not occur.

Please see the Lord Dowding Fund section of our website for more detail of alternative methods.

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