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Ask your MEPs sign Written Declaration calling for an end to primate experiments

Posted: 24 November 2006


Last year we founded International Primate Day on September 1st. This year we marked the day with an historic push for a ban on primate experiments in Europe and the US; motions were tabled in the European Parliament, the UK and Scottish Parliaments and the Welsh Assembly.

A Written Declaration before the European Parliament comes at a crucial time and could be hugely influential.

The EU is currently considering plans to overhaul of Europe-wide animal experimentation rules under EC Directive 86/609, including a possible ban on experiments on chimpanzees and a review of monkey research. Conversely, the option for a centralised EU chimp research facility is also being considered ­ a disastrous step.

NAVS and ADI provided a detailed, expert response to the EU consultation process on 86/609 covering issues such as general husbandry, licensing of tests, freedom of information, and cost implications. Supporters were able to participate in the EU¹s public consultation via our websites.

A Written Declaration from ADI and NAVS has been put before European Parliament that asks: ³Š the Commission to propose an end to all non-human primate experiments in the revision process of Directive 86/609 EC on the use of animals in scientific procedures, specifically: to prohibit chimpanzee experiments and the use of wild-caught primates in the EU and phase out all non-human primate experiments in the EU over the next 6 years.²

The Written Declaration is sponsored in the European Parliament by UK MEPs David Martin, Vice-President of the European Parliament (Labour­Party of European Socialists); Robert Evans (Lab­PES); Sajjad Karim (Liberal Democrats­Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe); together with Portuguese MEP Paulo Casaca (PES), President of the Inter Group on Animal welfare and Swedish MEP Carl Schlyter (Green Party).

This is a genuine opportunity to end the suffering of primates in laboratories. We urgently need MEPs to sign this declaration ­ write to your MEPs today.

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