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NAVS welcomes Liberal Democrat plans to curb animal experiments & increase funding for alternatives

Posted: 9 September 2014. Updated: 9 September 2014


The NAVS has welcomed Liberal Democrat pledges to reduce animal experiments and increase funding for non-animal alternatives. The commitments follow discussions with the NAVS and appear in the party’s pre-manifesto which has been unveiled ahead of the party’s conference in October where the manifesto will be finalised.

In recent discussions with the Liberal Democrats, the NAVS advised of the need for greater investment in non-animal alternatives. Recent figures showed that the government spent more than £300 million on research that involved animal experiments in 2012-13, yet funding for developing alternatives will reach only £8 million by 2014-15.

Liberal Democrat Home Office Minister Norman Baker, who is responsible for the regulation of animal experiments, recently told the BBC that he has been “encouraging the industry to come up with alternatives”, describing the need to move away from animal testing as “not simply a moral issue but that we as a nation can get a strategic advantage from”.

Despite a government commitment to “work to reduce the use of animals in scientific research”, the number of animal experiments has increased to over 4 million – the highest on modern record.

The pre-manifesto will now be debated by delegates at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Glasgow before the final version is published ahead of the general election.

We hope the Liberal Democrats will take forward this commitment so that the shockingly high number of animal experiments can be replaced with the superior alternatives at our disposal.

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