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NAVS call on UK Government to take action on animal experiments

Posted: 7 February 2014. Updated: 7 February 2014


Following the publication of its long-overdue strategy to reduce animal experiments, pledged four years ago, the NAVS is calling on the UK Government to tackle the growing number of animals in research by bringing an immediate end to the use of monkeys and introducing a timetable for replacing all animals with alternatives.

In 2012, the number of monkeys experimented on in the UK increased almost 50% to over 2,000. In this year, over 1,500 monkeys were imported into the country, with nearly 1,000 animals from Mauritius where the NAVS conducted an investigation at Biodia, one of several farms on the tropical island which breeds long-tailed macaques for experiments.

Our shocking findings, published by the Sunday Mirror and Mail on Sunday revealed distressed babies tattooed without anaesthesia, monkeys restrained and injected in view of other animals, reliance on the capture of wild animals for re-stocking breeding colonies, barren crowded cages, animals killed and injured from fighting, stressful separation of mothers and babies and rough handling including monkeys wrenched from cages by their tails, and netted animals slammed onto the concrete floor.

In the UK monkeys are used mainly to test drugs or for neurological research. Animals typically endure force-feeding or injections of experimental compounds; electrodes implanted into their brains; full body immobilisation in restraint chairs whilst they are experimented on.

Investigations of UK laboratories by the NAVS have found monkeys suffering rectal prolapse from the stress of being restrained, blackened lungs, trembling, collapse, bleeding and self-mutilation including one animal who chewed his finger to the bone. Most monkeys are killed at the end of the experiment, but others are forced to endure years in unnatural, barren laboratory cages and may be subject to aggression from which they cannot escape.

Animal experiments in the UK have risen year on year to over 4 million, inexcusable given the advanced alternatives available, and the Government’s reduction strategy is too little, too late.

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