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Stop the secret suffering of animals in UK laboratories

Posted: 17 July 2013. Updated: 17 July 2013

It is scandalous that despite a Government commitment to reduce the number of animals used for research, over 4 million tests were carried out in the UK last year, an increase of 8.36% on 2011.

Released by the Home Office this week, the 2012 ‘Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals’ report also reveal an increase in the use of primates (49.8%) and dogs (12%), and another rise in the use of genetically modified (GM) animals, which now account for more than half of all animal tests (2.43 million).

These animals are given a harmful genetic defect, or mutation, and have increasingly become the ‘tool’ of choice in medical research. During the ‘production’ of GM animals, huge numbers are killed and discarded, as the process has a very low success rate – only 3-5% of the babies born actually have the desired genetic defect. And those that carry the defect will go on to suffer its effects. Disturbingly, this loss of life is considered “an intrinsic and unavoidable characteristic of the technology”.

The harm suffered by GM animals can never outweigh any purported benefits. The majority of GM animals are used as models for human disease yet none of these ‘models’ has accurately or adequately replicated the condition seen in humans. Thus, ‘cures’ are being tested on unreliable models, in a different species, compounding the variables to be managed. This is not good science.
Much of this work is funded by tax payers and donations we give to charities and organisations funding this work. Yet the law forbids any public access to information on what is happening, and why. Little is known about the procedures that the millions of animals are subjected to each year but the public has the right to know.

Please back our campaign to end the secrecy in UK laboratories and support our call for the removal of the secrecy clause – Section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 Amendment Regulations 2012 – so that we can hold vivisectors to account.

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