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National Antivisection Society

Government stand on experiments on stray animals welcomed

Posted: 5 September 2012. Updated: 17 September 2012


The NAVS has welcomed the Government’s statement in Parliament to confirm that the UK will not licence the use of stray cats and dogs in experiments, with no exemptions.

The new EU Directive on animal experiments, due to come into force in the UK in 2013, contains a provision (Article 11) that permits the use of stray animals, but the UK Government has chosen to reject that provision.

Although the Government proposals for the new regulations also prohibits the use of feral animals of domestic species, it will include specific exemptions for “essential studies relating to either the health or welfare of the animals or a serious threat to the environment or to human or animal health and where the purpose can only be achieved by using feral animals".

NAVS Chief Executive Jan Creamer: “We welcome this decision by the Government to maintain the UK’s ban on the use of stray animals, but we would like to see full public consultation on any proposed use of feral animals that would be an issue of enormous public concern and deserves special consideration."

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