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Europe votes on new rules on animal experiments

Posted: 8 September 2010. Updated: 8 September 2010

“The public will be disappointed by missed opportunity,” says the National Anti-Vivisection Society

Today, the second reading of the Protection of animals used for scientific purposes (repeal. Directive 86/609/EEC) will take place. The first overhaul of EU regulations on animal experiments in almost 25 years. MEPs are expected to vote through unchanged the proposals which have been under discussion for several years.

Tim Phillips, Campaigns Director of the National Anti-Vivisection Society said: “The public will share our disappointment that such an important opportunity to advance the replacement of animals in experiments has been missed. It is now up to the UK Government to take a stand when the new Directive is implemented here.”

“We had hoped for clear mechanisms to ensure that replacements for animal experiments were rapidly implemented but many of the drivers to ensure this happened that were in the original proposals have been stripped away during discussions in the European Parliament and Council of Ministers. We are left with a sense that this is business as usual for the animal laboratories”.

There are some positives, however; for example standards will be raised in some countries, and the phase-out of monkeys born of wild-caught parents, which should finally place a restriction on the activities of monkey dealers. However, efforts to implement replacements of animal experiments through national centres for alternatives and through regular thematic review of areas of animal experimentation have been seriously diluted.

If passed in Plenary in Strasbourg today as expected, the Directive will then be transposed into national law in each member state. The NAVS and ADI will be pressing for a strong commitment from the UK Government on effective implementation of replacements for animal experiments and restrictions on areas of animal use.

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