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Whatever you might be told, life is cheap inside the animal laboratory.

Officially, over 2.5 million animals die in experiments in British laboratories every year. However, data collected from the inside by the NAVS shows that for every animal used, another two-three (2.5) have died because they are simply surplus to requirements - some 4 million more animals than officially recorded.

Laboratory staff have even admitted that they kill animals to reduce numbers for the Christmas holiday, when there will be less staff available. When life has so little value, it’s hard to believe that animals are only ever used, as claimed, when absolutely necessary.

Bland government assurances that UK legislation is the best in the world, do not convince a public faced with video and photographic evidence of the reality of animal experimentation. And it is hard to find another industry which generates so much public concern yet is so manifestly unaccountable. Public concern is swept aside by vague promises that animal experimenters must adhere to strict guidelines and that animals are only ever used when absolutely necessary.

A decade of investigations by the NAVS shows that the law simply isn’t working - the public have been duped.

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