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The relationship between ADI, NAVS, and Lord Dowding Fund

24 April 2008

We are often asked how our groups work together – the answer is straightforward – the National Anti-Vivisection Society is a single-issue group and campaigns mainly in the United Kingdom, with some participation...

Meeting With the Home Office

24 April 2008

In February, we met with the Home Office to discuss suggestions for improvements to the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act of 1986 (ASPA), which translates the EU Directive into law in the UK, and will...

Review of Directive 86/609 and the Campaign to Ban Primate Experiments in Europe

24 April 2008

Directive 86/609 is the European legislation on animal experiments, which is translated into UK law by the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986. The Directive is over twenty years old, and this is...

ADI’s Political Advertising Case Moves to House of Lords

24 April 2008

ADI’s case to challenge the Government’s ban on so called ‘political’advertising by animal, environmental and human rights organisations moved to the House of Lords on 17 December for a 2-day hearing in...

April 2008

24 April 2008

Well here we are, approaching another World Lab Animal Day, and this year, we are asking the public to have a ‘Spring Clean for Compassionate Cupboards’, by kicking animal-tested household products out...

November 2007

29 November 2007

Defra’s Circus Working Group Report – a farce Defra’s long-awaited report of their Circus Working Group (CWG) was published this week. What a muddle. This whole exercise has been an utter waste of...

September 2007

25 September 2007

What better way to start this occasional blog than to talk about the fantastic news of the European Parliament’s backing of our Written Declaration 40/2007 to end the use of primates in research. See...

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