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National Antivisection Society

The NAVS' Chief Executive - Jan Creamer


Jan Creamer is Chief Executive of the National Anti-Vivisection Society and the Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research, a post that she has held since 1986. In 1990, she co-founded the animal and environmental group, Animal Defenders, which is now one of the highest profile campaigning groups in the world. There are now four NGOs in the NAVS group. She has co-authored with her team numerous scientific reports, and has co-ordinated undercover investigations in many areas of animal abuse, including the use of animals in laboratories and circuses. She has also organised animal rescues, both in the UK and abroad. She regularly appears in the media, and has presented evidence on animal issues to schools and universities, local authorities, the UK’s Westminster parliament, including the House of Lords, and international meetings and conventions such as CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).

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